Cultural Empowerment Zone

Black and brown people make-up more than 50% of Philadelphia’s population but these communities are the most likely to live in the poorest neighborhoods in Philadelphia with the least amount of economic opportunity.

As City Councilman-At-Large, I will advocate for a  black and brown agenda, which includes investment in black and brown neighborhoods and promoting public and private partnerships that are specifically aimed at creating the targeted investments necessary to ensure the minority-owned business can grow and black and the poorest neighborhoods in Philadelphia can thrive.

Youth & Seniors

The life expectancy difference between Philadelphia’s poorest and wealthiest neighborhoods is as much as 20 years. That means that the lack of resources, less education, fewer job opportunities and other factors linked to poverty; are literally killing the poorest and most vulnerable among us. The youngest and oldest people in our city are especially affected by such factors linked to poverty.

As your Councilman-At-Large, I will fight for early childhood education, K-12 conflict resolution, increase counseling services for all public schools, quality low-cost daycare, and providing more free (and low cost) services for seniors, including more free city transportation options and support for senior in-home care.

A green(ER) Philadelphia

The effects of climate change are felt most strongly by folks in poor and minority neighborhoods in Philadelphia. The spaces where black and brown people live, where they go to school and where they play are the most likely to be damaged in natural disasters, they are the most likely to expose kids to lead and other environmental toxins, they are most likely to be in need of repair and rehabilitation.

As your city Councilman-At-Large, I will push for a green(ER) Philadelphia, wherein Philadelphia city government will help support the rehabilitation of homes in our neighborhoods, the removal of dangerous lead and toxins, and the renovation of homes to make them more energy efficient, which will lower heating and energy bills and make our homes cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.